Страна:Соединенные Штаты
Обо мне:Hello my names Paige...a small 5' 6" 131 lb.submissive feminine crossdresser sissy. I've been a sissy all my life, and well..I must say
I always have taken pleasure in my femininity, and taken pride in looking as pretty as I can. I guess I was always self conscious, growing up effeminate and all..I was pretty much an outcast, the girls didn't want me..because I wasn't masculine enough, and the boys thought I was too feminine to be hanging around with. And to be truthful I was, while the boys around my neighborhood were out playing football or basketball, I was in my room slipping on a pair of my moms nylons..strutting around my room pretending I was a fashion model walking down the runway...Well...I couldn't help it, I always had that deep desire to be a girl, I love the feeling of being and looking feminine, I love the feel of my body being totally smooth shaved, and my skin soft as a woman..I enjoy putting on makeup and trying different makeup looks, grooming my nails and applying nail polish...to make my hands look pretty, I love wearing highheel shoes, with sexy revealing outfits. These are all things i just enjoy doing...and always have..
And when i'm done, and i look as pretty as i can...I love the feeling when someone comes along and notices me!
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Любимая музыка:Сильное доминирование мужчины или женщины
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