Родной город:Берлин
Текущий город проживания:Берлин
Обо мне:In 2021 I celebrate three anniversaries - the 50th anniversary of my life as a cocksucker and anal whore, the 30th anniversary of my life without sexual intercourse with a woman, and the 25th anniversary of my self-humiliation on the internet. I was born at October 15, 1957 and I live in 12043 Berlin-Neukölln (Germany). My height is 5’9” (175 cm) and my weight is 254 lbs (115 kg). I’m married, but I'm living alone. I'm male, but I'm not really a man. I never was able to satisfy a woman sexually because I ejaculated my semen after a few seconds in the woman’s vagina or between her thighs at each coitus. In my entire life I have had sexual intercourse with women only 58 times and each time it lasted only a few seconds. All my girlfriends and my two wifes cuckolded me. In August 1990 I had the last sex of my life with a woman, I had this last coitus with my second wife. She had sex with strange men just a few months after we met. For many years I am a fat pathetic, shamelessly masturbating, submissive effeminate faggot in bra, garter girdle, stockings and panties, which has lost all masculinity and self-respect and which offers itself to every man as a cocksucker and anal slut. It is the destiny of my life to serve all men with my mouth and anus as an obedient wastebin for their semen which they could not ejaculate into a woman's vagina. I live only to be humiliated by any man, to offer all man my fat faggot ass to fuck me and to swallow the cum of all men.
Увлекающийся:Парни + Девушки
Хобби:Expose my shame as a pathetic sissy faggot
Любимые фильмы и телешоу:masturbation, exhibitionism, cock sucking, swallow cum, anal whore
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