Текущий город проживания:SACRAMENTO
Обо мне:I am a Fun and Kinky Big Booby Bimbo Gurl. I just LOVE to get all dressed up in my Sexy Bimbo Gurl Outfit and play around with Fun and Kinky Daddies and make friends with other Fun and Kinky Gurls. I am Clean, Safe No Stds and want to keep it that way. I just Love putting on a Sexy Shows For my Daddies and Pose for the Camera as well as SUCK Clean Daddies Cocks and Take Loads Of Hot Wet Cum Shoot All Over My Bimbo Gurl Face. Also open to other kinky games that are fun for all.
Включить:Getting All Dressed Up and Being a Bimbo Gurl
Going Out Dressed Up to Places
Showing Off and Putting On Sexy Shows
Taking Pictures and making Videos
Having Daddies treat me as Their Bimbo Gurl Friend
Lite Bondage and Spanking
Sucking Cocks One on One and in a Group Suck Off
Being a Cum Dump Bimbo Gurl and Have Daddies Shoot Their Cum All Over My Bimbo Gurl Face
And Just Being A Fun and Kinky Bimbo Gurl
Отключить:People that are NOT CLEAN. Take a Shower Please.
People that do not like to Keep Things Fun and Kinky.
Увлекающийся:Парни + Девушки
Хобби:I LOVE not only looking at all the Kinky Pictures and watching all the Kinky Videos but I also Love to post them and hope that if you like me and would like to be my Camera Man Daddy and take kinky pictures and making kinky Videos with me or join me in them I hope we can. I am also looking for Fun and Kinky Daddies to make friends with and Date. I also would Love to meet and make Friends with Fun and Kinky Bimbo Gurls. Let's Go Out Dancing and Party!
Любимые фильмы и телешоу:Being A Big Booby Bimbo Gurl Wearing Big Booby Bimbo Outfits Putting On Sexy Show and Dancing Around For Daddies. Posing for Fun and Kinky Pictures and Making Fun and Kinky Videos Sucking Cocks and Being a CUM DUMP BIMBO GURL for my Daddies. Lite Bondage and Spanking.
Любимая музыка:I would Love to Find a Daddy Or Daddies that would like me to be their Fun and Kinky Bimbo Gurl Friend and do Kinky Things To Me and I would Just LOVE to be their Cock Sucking Cum Dump Gurl. They Love to take Pictures and make Fun and Kinky Videos. Taking me to Adult Sex Clubs and places like that. They would like to go out on a Date with and Dancing and do other Fun Things with Me. Love to go to Reno and have Fun there and meet .
Любимая книга:Just Being A Bimbo Gurl.